Animalesque AA Visiting School Berlin - Short Film Winner
Feb - Apr 2021

The diary centers around the thoughts and actions of a single individual as they navigate with the challenges of isolationism, climate hazards, and technological determinism in a near-future urban setting. Through an extension of concern for the local urban wildlife (a kind of modest local activism in one’s domestic landscape) ultimately enables this individual to unlock alternative dreams, perspectives, and social groups in the city.

It’s been like this for a couple years now, even before the curfew, before HVAC became a necessary generic. We’re a generation of indoor kids, thumb warriors, prosumers with an encouraged appetite.
Setting routines keep things in check and breaking them keeps me encouraged about the next day. With all the pipes and wires, the screens, and automated appliances, we’re alone but we’re not lonely.
The city hums with steady activity. With the fizzle of electrical wires, and the wheezing of fulfillment drones. The curfew ends right around sundown. Most people opt to come out to get some air, some hid in the darkness while others present themselves proudly like a dating profile.
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