Academic / Graduate / Option Studio
Coordinator: Florencia Pita and Jackie Bloom 
Jan - Apr 2019
The economic and didactic value of the line is explored through its translation from drawing to standardized elements as instructional plans with distinct local spatial and flexible qualities. Railings, beams, interior wall finishes, columns, and furniture inform use and a hierarchy of construction for a stage set construction homes inserted into the front and back spaces of a generic apartment. The redensification scheme in Satillo, Mexico sets up a simple replicable structure of alternating loft spaces for small houses of leisure and rest to be negotiated within a generous framework. The kitchens and bathrooms hug the tectonic core which provides redundancy and a system of continuous replication and growth within the urban lots. 
These loosely constructed homes which can be easily cut into, added upon, dismantled, and shifted around activates the accommodating tectonic shells into lively highly personalized homes of domestic negotiation. The multi-leveled density of elements hides the experience of coherent geometry in favor of a localized consideration of domestic living with split visual and temporal moments which suggest the composition of the overall graphic composition.    
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