Academic / Graduate / Thesis Prep
Published: POOL Issue 5 Simulation
Sept - Dec 2019
Excerpt =
The American house is flimsy, expediently conceived, and has always generously invited the introduction of technological devices that contend with existing rituals of the home. The architect here is in the profession of denial, where active suppression of machines and their infrastructural logic cools their reformative social roles. Rarely are machines invited into a room; they are most often concealed within delicate surfaces in which their evidence of flow burrows through, around, and across the framing of the house. 
As the house becomes smarter, its symbolic and physical structure becomes increasingly undermined and destabilized. Today, architectural elements in the house speak through systems often more complex than the design of buildings themselves. A complex, wired world supports a nascent wireless condition in the exchange. By enabling passage into the screen and letting its contents inform the confines of the home, a more collective immersive relationship between the virtual and physical realm is established. As discrete technological devices have slowly eroded communal domestic spaces, there is an opportunity to recast the screen from an object for attentive work and isolated social interaction to an actor that enables collective contemplation and participation within the home. 
did a hypothetical bedroom situation

[Bed] as a raise multipurpose horizontal surface
The Site of =
Leisure / Work
Control / Management
Deep interiority / hyper connectivity
Alertness / slumber
[Screen] as the site of escape, interaction, and control

= collapse of social, professional, and personal spheres
Did this study about live streaming (consequences and technical requirements) in the bedroom
this was the thesis declaration setup
That little guy on the left (tumbler) is a room that has different positions of rest which allows it to project onto different surfaces relative to the content - event it wishes to prompt
looked into the "order of machines" in the home via Bucky
some (badly curated) reference images
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