Academic / Graduate / Option Studio
Coordinator: Cristina Diaz Moreno + Efren Garcia Grinda
Featured in POOL Issue 5: Nostalgia
Sept - Dec 2018
The Tinker House is a sanctuary for both people and things. Its economy depends on the services of the city through the collection of discarded waste materials; refashioning them into nomadic modules of living with rigid deployment schedules to service an under-supported migrant population. The aesthetic stance of these living modules for sleeping, hygiene, storage, wifi, and water aims to reveal the complex brutal physical ramifications of emergent technologies. Four semi-stationary buildings (the archive, the dissection theater, the recycling plant, and the workshop) park and host makers who organize and meddle with the waste harvested. 
These makers proclaim autonomy from the stable lifestyles practiced in New York, camping on a parking lot right at the exit of the Williamsburg Bridge on Delancy Street. The work done is at times productive and times a deliberate expression of creative freedom and passivity through the construction of whimsical “chingdogu” tools. There is always a collective ambition to meddle, disrupt, and remake. The tinker house collective advocate for close attention interaction and awareness to ubiquitous electronic gadgets and systems of contemporary life as a necessary and conscious responsibility.
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