Academic / Undergraduate / 4B Studio
Coordinator: Andrew Levitt
Featured in JAE 72:1 Discursive Images
May - Aug 2017
There is an active participation of imagination in everyday life on the Orkney Islands. Monuments scatter the island while successive naming of peculiar places help the inhabitants comprehend and measure the eternal forces of nature and time. The lodge proposed intends to organize these local myths and natural characteristics of the island as a dense city of four themed squares for view and use.
Each square represents a focused potential and reality of the island abstracted as lodge, event, garden, and stone. The stone square contrasts the insulating program of the spa with the cold local slates of the island cliffs. The garden square uses indigenous plants and a forest of columns to represent an idealized condition of the island where large birch trees once covered the entire island. The lodge square’s living quarters are organized around the archive where one can engage and contribute to the found artifacts of the island. The event square gives a platform for visitors to share their activities and host local artists and poets to further enrich the mythical and historical perspective of the context. The space at the center of the lodge uses corner conditions and specific openings to reveal various locations of both the lodge the island. The lodge is a way to facilitate and integrate a close interaction with the unknown into the rituals of daily life.
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