Self-Initiated / with Stephen Ru
Host: Princeton School of Architecture
Nov - Dec 2019
This installation in the front atrium space of the Princeton School of Architecture was executed in relation to the Spring 2020 “Techno” lecture series. An added infrastructure onto the central column of this entrance space, two back to back screens simulate a broken series of column ordonnances colliding into each other, changing in speed and color. 
Claude Perrault’s five orders lined up registers a false rigid generalization. The orders outline distinct differences between ornament, proportions, and geometry while in reality, columns of Ancient Rome had instead high variation based on shifting tastes, artistic volition, and geography. Reduced to its parts, the installation intends to generate a more fleeting form of consensus.
The virtual container of the simulation is registered as a 3-D steel framework where users can tap the members to attract these symbolically rigid objects to various sides and corners, proposing one to one correlation between the controls of virtual and physical space.

Pat or Tap the metal frame and the broken Orders will follow. 
Pat or Tap the metal frame to charge the Five Orders to melt.
Pat or Tap the metal frame to register the digital and physical boundary.
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